NA Boulder Helpline

What we do / what is the NA Helpline:

The NA Boulder Helpline number is 303-412-2884, and is available 24/7, to anyone who wants to know more about Narcotics Anonymous in the Boulder Region. The helpline’s main goal is to encourage addicts to go to a meeting of Narcotics Anonymous, and for an addict to talk directly to another addict in recovery. The helpline is answered by volunteers (members of NA), who can answer any questions you may have about the program of Narcotics Anonymous.

Volunteering on the NA Helpline:

If you would like to volunteer for a shift on the NA Boulder Helpline, please contact our Helpline Coordinator (see contact info below). It is suggested that all volunteers be active members of Narcotics Anonymous, attend meetings regularly, have one year of clean time, and be willing to follow the guidelines in the Helpline Handbook (see handbook pdf below). The NA Boulder fellowship also asks that any potential volunteer participate in a short training, prior to signing up for a shift(s) on the Helpline. You can request to volunteer on as little as one shift (8 hours) as a first, second, or third tier volunteer, or volunteer for as many as 7 shifts. Volunteering on the Helpline is a great way to give back to others what was so generously given to us when we first came to NA. Volunteering on the Helpline can be very convenient, especially for those who have other commitments, such as work, family, and meetings.

Helpline Volunteer Handbook:

NA Boulder Helpline Volunteer Handbook 2023

Helpline Subcommittee:

The Boulder NA Helpline would love your input and suggestions for improving our service to the addict who still suffers. The Helpline Subcommittee meets quarterly, every 3 months through a Zoom meeting from 7-8 pm. Our subcommittee meeting coincides with the Public Information Subcommittee meeting as well, which makes it twice as fun! Come join us anytime… we are always wanting more folks to join our group.

Next Helpline Subcommittee meeting:

The next Helpline Subcommittee meeting information will be reported here.

Contact Info:

The current Helpline Coordinator is Joel H., who can be reached at this email address: